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My friend Cayla EN-UK Paid App

4 usd

IMPORTANTThis app ONLY works with a My friend Cayla doll. Do not download this app unless you purchased the Cayla doll. Do not download this app even if you have a doll with another name such as My friend Chloe.  Download a My friend Chloe app for a Chloe doll.
This app only works when My friend Cayla doll is connected to your device by Bluetooth. Without the doll present the app will not function.
My friend Cayla is not just a doll, she is like a real friend with MILLIONS of things to say! Visit to learn more about My friend Cayla from our tutorial videos.
App Features:
- Ask Cayla questions about many things like animals, places, people and more!- Chat about clothes, her family, school activities, her hobbies and lots more!- Cayla can tell you stories.- Cayla can solve Math problems and Spell words- Look at Cayla’s photo albums and she will tell you about what she’s been up to.- You can even play a game with Cayla.- Cayla works online or offine. Online delivers all of Cayla’s functions while Offline Cayla talks and interacts however without voice recognition.
For better compatibility, Nexus 5 & 7; Samsung Galaxy Note 3, S3, S4, S5; LG G2 are suggested.
For best performance, make sure that:
- Turn off other active apps in your smart device.- Play with the doll in a quiet environment. Noises will affect her ability to hear correctly.- Connect your smart device to a fast and stable internet network.- Be about 12 inches (30 cm) away from the front of the doll and facing directly toward her.- Talk when white necklace light up, listen and wait when it is dim.- Speak clearly so the doll can understand you.- If she doesn’t hear you, speak louder or move closer and try again.- Update your OS and Google search app to the latest version. Please disable the "Bluetooth headset" setting in the Google search app by unchecking the box next to it.